The Amthal Group consists of the following four divisions:

OPTIMUM is a leading ERP software solutions provider in the Middle East & beyond, offering a comprehensive range of software products & services to medium & large government & private sectors.

Wolke provides a collection of business and accounting solutions for small to medium organizations, offered on Cloud or licensed-based in order to manage the operations of any kind of business.

ECnet (Electronic Commerce Network) provides our clients with two vital services in two major segments, Marketing and e-Commerce in order to help them enhance their productivity and visibility.

NClink (Networking & Communication Link) provides cloud computing and hosting for OPTIMUMWolke and ECnet . This division also provides the local market with state-of-art IT hardware and networking, as well as third party solutions.

OPTIMUM modules chosen by ASPIRE Printing, Qatar.


One of the leading companies in the printing and publishing industry in Qatar, ASPIRE Printing Press Publishing & Distribution has signed up for the OPTIMUM ERP system. The modules chosen are HRMS (personnel & payroll), Purchase and Inventory.

The Aspire Printing Press is one of the latest members of the ASPIRE Zone family, offering everything in printing, and has already made its mark in Qatar. The company has won solid reputation for working in the best interests of its clients as well as creating awareness on environment impact.

“The modules chosen by our valued customer are the backbone of any company, irrespective of the industry. Our systems are highly parameterized, and hence adaptable to suit the requirements of any particular line of activity. Our modules are capable of communicating with each other, and together they will form a staunch support to the administrative and accounting affairs of the company,” said Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Regional Manager of the Amthal Group in Qatar, when formalizing the deal with Mr. Majed M. AlKhalifi, GM, Aspire Printing Press Publishing & Distribution.

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Returning Client Re-affirms Faith in Wolke


One of the prestigious clients of Wolke Business solutions suite, Bin AlSheikh Trading Company in Qatar, has decided to add one more Wolke product to its already acquired modules.

mystaff, the HRMS module of Wolke Suite, will be employed in the office of Bin AlSheikh Trading Company along with the existing modules; myaccount, mypurchase, mysales, and myinventory.

The Bin AlSheikh Trading Company is a leading corporate of Qatar with a service history of over three decades in multifaceted activities. The company has diversified activities in various fields such as Steel & Building Materials, Steel Cut & Bend Factory, Real Estate Division, Construction Division, and Heavy Equipment.

“We are pleased to note that the client returns to us to purchase more modules, and this exemplifies the trust that our customers place in our products,” said Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Regional Manager of the Amthal Group in Qatar.

Photo: (From left Mr. Hassan Mohsin Al Khowar - Managing Director and Mr. Nixon Rebeiro - Branch Manager, Al- Amthal in Doha ).

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Wolke mystaff closes deal with Energy City Qatar


One of the major companies in the State of Qatar, Energy City Qatar has struck a deal with the Amthal Group to provide the mystaff module of the Wolke Business Solutions Suite to the former to manage their HR activities.

mystaff is a comprehensive system that handles all aspects of HR management, with a host of features and benefits to fully automate all processes and activities.

Energy City Qatar is the region’s first integrated business hub dedicated to the hydrocarbon industry. Energy City Qatar forms part of the major new city development, Lusail, which is being developed by Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company.

Representing their companies, the agreement was signed by Mr. /Ms. Azra Aziz, HR Coordinator, Energy City, Qater, and Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Branch Manager, Amthal Group, Qatar.

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Wolke HRMS and TA to Serve Takaful International


The Takaful International Company, the first Islamic Insurance Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has chosen Wolke HRMS and the Time & Attendance system, to manage their human resources and staff attendance matters.

The Takaful International Company, established in the year 1989, is one of the pioneering Islamic Insurance Companies in the Middle East.

An agreement was signed between both companies, represented by Mr. Sayed Jaffer Hussain, Manager Information Systems, from Takaful and Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group. “Wolke HRMS is a comprehensive system that covers all aspects of human resources management ranging from recruitment to performance appraisals. The Time & Attendance System of WOLKE, can directly communicate with the HRMS, so that the attendance data of the staff will be directly processed by the payroll module. I am sure that our valued new client will find our software a great investment,” said Mr. Hani Awachi on the occasion.

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mystaff to manage FSC Staff in Qatar


A major Qatari food services and catering company, Food Services Co., has chosen WOLKE mystaff module to manage their HR affairs.

mystaff is one of the modules in the WOLKE business suite of software solutions.  It handles all aspects of the human resources management such as HR data management, personnel administration, payroll, report generation, document monitoring etc.

An agreement was signed between Mr. Sadam Sadeh Al Sadi, Administration Director, FSC, and Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Branch Manager, Al- Amthal in Doha. “Our product will prove to be a great investment for our valued client, as it will turn the HR department more efficient and vibrant,” said Mr. Nixon Rebeiro on the occasion.

Picture: ( From right Mr. Don Joseph - Finance Manager and Mr. Nixon Rebeiro - Branch Manager, Al- Amthal in Doha ).

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Up-market Retailer signs up for Wolke


Salam Studio & Stores, a Qatar-based -market leader of Luxury and Designer labels, has signed up for the cloud-based Wolke e-Procurement system, including mypurchase and myinventory modules.


mypurchase is designed to cover the entire supply chain and procurement process of the company while myinventory manages inventory transactions to provide online real-time data of inventory levels in the operation. The aim of the system is to reduce paper work, automate the procurement cycle and manage inventory more easily.


Established in 1952, the Salam Studio & Stores offers over 600 designer labels of the world’s best in fashion & accessories, beauty & fragrances, jewelry & watches, gifts, home as well as photography & technology.


Photo from left to right

Mr. Sajith (Purchase Officer), Mr. Mustafa Kilou (Network and Technical Support Manager), Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Mr. Bassam Ramahi (Group IT Manager), Mr. Khubaib Hamdan (General Services Manager)

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OPTIMUM ERP implemented for Mosanada UGL


The Implementation of the OPTIMUM ERP Software Solution (HRMS, GL, TA, AP and Business Intelligence Reporting) has been completed for Mosanada UGL in the State of Qatar, one of the leading facilities management specialists in the Middle East.                   

“As the only facilities management specialist in Qatar with experience of handling large-scale sports projects, Mosanada UGL needed an ERP software solution that would be able to adapt to our continuously developing demands and increasing data complexity. We found OPTIMUM to be the most suitable solution to meet all our requirements.” Simon Whitaker, CFO, Mosanada UGL, Qatar.

Photo: (From right Mr. Simon Whitaker - CFO and Mr. Nixon Rebeiro - Branch Manager, Al- Amthal in Doha ).

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Zallaq Resort Co. to keep its assets with myassets


The Amthal Group has provided a state-of-the-art asset management system, myassets, to the Zallaq Resort Company, Bahrain, according to a recent agreement between the two companies.

"We had heard little about Wolke myassets and had seen other software demos but after the presentation of myassets we wanted to know more about it. We were greatly impressed with the capabilities of myassets and therefore we finalized with Al-Amthal. It is a very beautifully arranged software and it's a real asset for any organization," commented Mr. Adullatif Khalfan, GM of Zallaq Resort Company.

Zallaq Resort Company was established to develop a 5 star luxury resort hotel which reflect the excellence and superiority of its surroundings; consisting of suites with spa, restaurants, and conference hall. The resort is built on the old Bapco beach, one of the best beaches in the Kingdom.

“myassets is a comprehensive and very user-friendly system that takes care of all aspects of asset management such as asset details, financials, asset movement tracking, insurance, assets reconciliation etc. In fact, with its swift setup and speedy output, myassets is a one of the best assets in itself for a company. In addition, the system can be linked with other modules such as General Ledger, thus being a great aid for any financial department,” remarked Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group. …

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mystaff and mytime to work for McDonald’s Bahrain


The Fakhro Restaurants Company WLL, which owns and operates 15 McDonald’s restaurants across Bahrain, has chosen two of Al-Amthal’s software solutions for their offices.

mystaff, a compact HR management system is capable of handling and managing a company’s HR operations ranging from recruitment to payroll generation to final settlements. As the system is highly parameterized, it can be adapted to suit the requirements of all types of businesses.It is also available on cloud.

The mytime module, together with 20 biometric access control machines will record and monitor all attendance related matters of the company. Thismodule is a comprehensive software system capable of producing reports on daily attendance, late-in, early-out, leave, absences, vacations etc., which works hand-in-hand with the mystaff module.

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OPTIMUM sails to SALE Co. offices


SALE Communications Ltd has entered into a contract with the Amthal Group for providing OPTIMUM Time & Attendance software and Business Intelligence tool to manage their time and attendance matters, initially in their Bahrain and Oman divisions.

SALE Co. is a subsidiary of the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) that incorporated VIVA Company, to lead their distribution and retail services. Today, the company has established itself as a leading force in the telecommunication market, serving over 15 million subscribers.

“As a world-class provider of telecommunication services, we needed a time and attendance management solution that would provide maximum scalability to allow for future growth without adding cost and complexity to the increasing data processing; and OPTIMUM is the perfect solution to meet all our requirements” said Mrs. Nadia Al-Herz, IT Manager of Sale Co.

“Having SALE Co. on board confirms that the OPTIMUM software systems made in the Gulf by Al-Amthal have the ability to compete with internationally acclaimed systems as well as to contribute to boost the growth of the economic and trade sector,” said to Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal. …

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Origin Group opts for Optimum


A deal has been struck between the Origin Group, Bahrain, and Amthal Group for providing mystaff, a compact human resources management solution for small to medium establishments, to the former.

mystaff is designed to automate the major aspects of HR management such as payroll, personnel administration, leave as well as document management including report generation. It is a part of the WOLKE suite of software solutions developed and implemented by Al-Amthal that especially suit market needs.

The Origin Group is a leading service company in the fields of Event Management, Development Solutions, HR Consultancy, Business Consultancy, Financial Consultancy etc., from within Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

“This deal with the Origin Group shows the confidence that major companies bestow upon our products and services. All our products are highly parameterized, and hence they can be adapted to suit the requirements of any type of businesses,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal on this occasion.

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Optimum HRMS takes new heights in Sabre


Sabre Travel Network Middle East WLL has been using OPTIMUM HRMS for the last 6 years to manage their HR in their entire Middle East offices. When Al-Amthal released the latest Version, OPTIMUM HRMS V11, which is developed on the latest technologies from Microsoft, Sabre Travel Network had no second thoughts in upgrading their system to the new version in order to profit from its innovative features and numerous additional benefits.

“We are very happy to be able to convince also our loyal customers, who are the backbone of Al-Amthal, of the benefits of our new developments and innovations. Many features have been improved and newly developed in the latest version of OPTIMUM, based on our many years of experience in working closely with our clients and identifying their specific requirements,” said Mr. Ashraf Bilal, Head of Business Development after having negotiated the new deal.

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Vinod Nair: A decade of dedicated Service


The Head of IT department, Vinod Nair, completed 10 years of meritorious service with Al-Amthal in December 2014. Many things have changed since he joined the company a decade ago.

Heading the IT department, Vinod Nair walked with the advancements in technology, playing a crucial role in taking Al-Amthal to its present status of being one of the leading software developers in the Middle East, with distinguished certifications and accreditations.

Al-Amthal staff and Management congratulated Mr. Vinod in acknowledgment of his priceless contribution made to the company.

“Vinod has stood with Al-Amthal and we wouldn’t have achieved today’s success but for the support and dedication of such loyal staff like him. We sincerely appreciate the great contribution he has given to the company,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal, on this occasion.

Photo: (From left Mr. Hani Awachi - CEO of Al-Amthal Group and Mr. Vinod NairHead of IT Department )

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Dedicated Employee growing with Al-Amthal


Devoting ten years of one’s life to the building up of a company is a commendable achievement. That is what Ms. Amal Meshaima has accomplished in Al-Amthal. Ever since she joined the company immediately after completing her industrial training with us on the 18 October 2004, she has put her mind and soul to the job that she has been doing. Now she has become an outstanding professional senior programmer, who contributed substantially to Al-Amthal’s development. The Management of Al-Amthal congratulated and honoured her for her services in the presence of her colleagues. “Ms. Amal has been instrumental in the development of this company and she stands out as a motivating model for any employee,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group, on the occasion.

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Ithmaar Bank upgraded with new Optimum technology


One of the prestigious customers of Al-Amthal, Ithmaar Bank, Bahrain, has opted to upgrade to Version 11 of OPTIMUM HRMS.

They have been using an earlier version for the last 6 years. Now that Al-Amthal has released version 11 which is developed on the latest technologies from Microsoft, Ithmaar Bank became convinced to go forward with the advancements of the new OPTIMUM.

Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group, commented following the new deal: “We are thankful for our esteemed customer’s trust upon us, and I am sure the enhancements will prove to be extremely useful and beneficial to the HR Management of Ithmaar Bank.”


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Wolke Suite suits Bin AlSheikh Trading


A leading corporate in the State of Qatar, Bin AlSheikh Trading Company has chosen the Wolke Business Suite software solutions to support their operations.

The Bin AlSheikh Trading Company is a multifaceted corporate of Qatar with a service history of over three decades in various fields of activities. The company has diversified activities in various fields such as Steel & Building Materials, Steel Cut & Bend Factory, Real Estate Division, Construction Division, and Heavy Equipment.

The modules chosen by the company are myaccount, mypurchase, mysales, and myinventory. “Considering the multitude of activities the company has, they have taken the right combination of modules to provide a comprehensive solution to their accounting needs. We are really proud to have acquired such a prestigious client as the Bin AlSheikh Trading Company,” said Mr. Nixon Rebeiro, Regional Manager of the Amthal Group in Qatar, on this occasion. …

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D3 Consultants to use WOLKE systems


An agreement has been entered between D3 Consultants, an affiliate of Al-Hekma International School, and the Amthal Group for providing two modules of the WOLKE suite, myaccount and mystaff to the former.

D3 Consultants is a premier school consultancy company, specializing in starting schools, evaluation, management, accreditation and school-related improvement services for private and public school-related businesses worldwide.

“We are proud to have been chosen by such a prestigious company as D3 Consultants. This shows our growing acceptance in the software market.  The modules that they chose, myaccount and mystaff can talk to each other, and together they will provide a staunch support to the accounting and administrative matters of our valued customer,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Amthal Group, on this occasion.


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Technologia Middle East picks up WOLKE solutions


A deal has been struck between Technologia Middle East WLL and Amthal Group to implement the innovative Wolke business suite software solutions of mystaff, mypurchase, mysales, myledger and myinventory.

Technologia Middle East a major provider of machines, tools, technical consumables and technical solutions to the wood, aluminum, glass and metal industries in the Kingdom of Bahrain represents various globally reputed manufactures and suppliers of Europe, the US and Asia.

"When selecting the Wolke Suite solution from Al-Amthal, it was most important to select a software system that suited our organization. That is why we selected mystaff, mypurchase, mysales, myledger and myinventory.  It was constructive to work with Al-Amthal, who understood our business and they were able to provide us valuable advice on the setup of the system,” says Mr. Abdulla Ashoor Hasan, GM of Techonologia ME.

“All Wolke business suite management systems work hand-in-hand with each other, providing an automated office and reliable administrative support to the customer. All relevant information will be streamlined to give customized reports to the user based on any number of parameters,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group, commenting on the most suitable option Technologia ME has taken.


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OPTIMUM Division is one of the leading providers of integrated electronic Enterprise Resource Planning solutions "E-ERP" to the business market in the Middle East and beyond, offering a comprehensive range of software products and services that address the whole spectrum of various businesses.

OPTIMUM Division major project approach is Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) whereby we employ our consultants and use our products (OPTIMUM


EcNet Division provides our clients with two vital services in two major segments, Marketing and e-Commerce in order to help them enhance their productivity and visibility.

E-Marketing provides our customers with Marketing Strategies Branding and Public Relations plans; and e-Commerce provides them with the mechanisms and the products in order to establish their B to B (Business to Business) and their B to C (Business to Customer) business relationship.

NClink Division is specialized in providing Cloud Computing solutions for OPTIMUM and Wolke divisions. It also provides web hosting services to ECnet division.

Moreover, NClink Division provides all types of IT hardware, networking infrastructure, specialized IT manpower, and third party products. We maintain partnerships with well-known and internationally recognized brands, so we can supply up to date technology to our customers, ensuring reliability, durability and data integrity.

Wolke Division is providing a collection of business and accounting solutions for small and medium organizations in a simple and easy way to manage their organization needs. Wolke solutions can be offered as modular-based to computerize single operations or as  total solution to computerize the whole operation.  

Wolke business solutions can be offered as cloud solutions or licensed solutions hosted by the clients themselves.

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