Press Management

OPTIMUM Press Management is a fully fledged enterprise resource planning (ERP) total solution software. It is developed to perfectly fit the requirements of the press/distribution industry, whether these requirements are operational, financial or administrative requirements.  It is a Microsoft Certified ERP product that can run in any type of browser and that operates with the latest “ Cloud ” technology.

OPTIMUM Press Management covers all the operational aspects of the distribution and advertising management processes.  The distribution module covers the subscription operation, the outlet operations and the boys’ operations and for any number of publications with any type of payments whether this payment is a cash or credit payment.  OPTIMUM Press Management automates and streamlines the distribution process from receiving a subscriber application or an outlet sales agreement contract. It manages the supply of the publication depending upon its retention whether this retention is daily, weekly or monthly etc. It also manages the returns depending upon the publication return date. Finally, it manages the billing from invoicing, collection through to payment.  OPTIMUM Press Management has a built-in Customer/Vendor Relationship Management (CVRM) system, which covers all the requirements of the enterprise.

The OPTIMUM Advertising Management module covers all types of advertising spaces whether the advertising is classified, unclassified, editorial, banner, linage or insertions.  This module automates and streamlines the process of receiving an order, scheduling the advertising dates, billing date, invoicing, collection and payments. The OPTIMUM Advertising Management module manages all the follow-up electronically and equally has a built-in Customer/Vendor Relationship Management (CVRM) system, which covers all the requirements of the enterprise.

For all the other enterprise functionalities OPTIMUM Press Management consists of an electronic workflow with a built-in archiving and document management system to operate, manage and control the supply chain, purchasing and accounts payable, inventory, fixed assets, time attendance as well as all human resources and payroll operations.

In addition, OPTIMUM Press Management is linked to an online/real-time activity based cost financial and accounting system. This system offers multi-currency and multi-company options along with a built-in budgeting feature, covering all financial reporting requirements as per the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

Product Highlights: 
  • True thin client E-ERP (Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning) cross-browser based system offered over the internet, intranet or cloud technology
  • Bilingual software, multi-currency and multi-company
  • Document-driven & archiving electronic system
  • Electronic workflow with built-in document management and user-authorization limits 
  • Drill-down reporting at every level
  • Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting Tool of OPTIMUM providing online/real-time reports

OPTIMUM E-ERP Modules covered under Press Management:

Distribution Management
Advertising Management
Trading Management & Sales
Procurement & Supply Chain
Inventory Management
Accounts & Budgeting
Fixed Assets Management
Human Resources Management
Time Attendance
Business Intelligence Reporting

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