Amthal Group consists of the following three divisions:

- OPTIMUM Total Software Solution
ECnet Electronic Commerce Network
NClink Network and Communication Link

Each division is specialized in its field, but the different divisions complement each other in their work. In addition, Amthal Group has partnerships with other international organizations for a maximum business output and enhanced presence in the region.


OPTIMUM is one of the leading providers of integrated Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning solutions or "E-ERP" to businesses in the Middle East and beyond, offering a comprehensive range of software products and services that address the whole spectrum of the business market.The ultimate objective of the OPTIMUM division is to identify the business requirements of our customers through the mechanism of business process re-engineering "BPR" and provide them with electronic business solutions.

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ECnet provides its valuable customers with imaginative and customer tailored Marketing Strategies that have the right blend of online and offline methods to meet each individual marketing objectives. ECnet unique approach is to work closely with our clients in order to help them make their business visible fast, accurately and with the right marketing image at a minimum cost. The objective of the company is to develop the right marketing and sales solutions, which incorporate creativity, flexibility and skills.

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NClink provides its valuable customers with a combination of IT related products & services in order to offer a comprehensive solution for their IT needs. NClink offers imaginative and customer tailored Graphic Design, Website Design & Web Development; Best brands of hardware, designing and implementing computer networks & security systems; Annual maintenance contracts including computer hardware, security systems, time & attendance systems and access control systems; Business management software systems for small to medium enterprises that include on Cloud services.

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