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    OPTIMUM Division is one of the leading providers of integrated electronic Enterprise Resource Planning solutions "E-ERP" to the business market in the Middle East and beyond, offering a comprehensive range of software products and services that address the whole spectrum of various businesses.

    OPTIMUM Division major project approach is Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) whereby we employ our consultants and use our products (OPTIMUM

    OPTIMUM is the first division under the Amthal Group that was first established in 2000. Today, OPTIMUM is providing its services all over the Middle East and beyond, specially focusing on the GCC states. It has a steadily expanding customer base and established offices in the region.



    What We Strive For


    The ultimate objective of the OPTIMUM division is to identify the business requirements of our customers through the mechanism of business process re-engineering "BPR" and provide them with electronic business solutions. This will enable them to make timely and informed decisions, increase efficiency and productivity and to maintain an edge over their competitors in ever changing market conditions.



    How To Achieve


    Through a team of innovative and creative experts, OPTIMUM aims at offering their customers the best possible consultation service. Many years if professional expertise is embedded into our OPTIMUM Total Solution Software that is designed and adjustable to suit all kinds of businesses in order to provide our customers with the most appropriate solution for their individual business needs.


    OPTIMUM's major project approach is business process reengineering (BPR), whereby we employ our own product as enabler in order to re-engineer and computerize our customers' processes. These Microsoft certified products are comprehensive E-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, modular in nature but mutually communicative.



    Our Customers


    We have a wide spectrum of clientele from various sectors such as ministries, government and semi-government organizations, universities, banks and other financial institutions, trading establishments, construction and contracting companies, service sector companies and various other commercial establishments.


    To view a list of our valued customers please click here

    To view some testimonials from our valued customers click here 



    Our Products


    OPTIMUM Total Software Solutions offer an extensive range of E-ERP systems that cater for a wide range of industries, such as:


    1.     Trading 

    2.     Services 

    3.     Financial and Banking 

    4.     Real Estate 

    5.     Publication

    6.     Money Exchange 

    7.     Charity Societies

    8.     Education 


    All modules have been developed to work as stand-alone systems, or to work in combinations as an E-ERP system. OPTIMUM solutions are all cross-browser-based and operate with the latest “ Cloud ” technology. Multi-lingual capability, very high level of system security, efficient administrative control and monitoring, multi-level approval system and workflow are some of the main features of the systems that rigorously adhere to international standards.



    Associated Partners


    OPTIMUM division has partnerships with various national and international companies, organizations and institutions in order to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and optimal business solutions. In addition, OPTIMUM products have gained a number of national and international accreditations to view details please click here  



    OPTIMUM Product Highlights


    a.     True thin client E-ERP (Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning) cross-browser based system offered over the internet, intranet or cloud technology

    b.     Bilingual software, multi-currency and multi-company

    c.     Document-driven & archiving electronic system

    d.     Electronic workflow with built-in document management and user-authorization limits 

    e.     Drill-down reporting at every level

    f.      Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting Tool of OPTIMUM providing online/real-time reports

    g.     Background treatment and inter-exchange data of all information between modules

    h.     Multi-level access to the system and powerful central security control

    i.      Document printout option upon all task posting.

    j.      Extensive MIs reporting (in both languages).


    Options Available


    I.     Single or multi-company

    II.    Single or multi-branch

    III.  Single or multi-profit center

    IV.   Single or multi-currency

    V.    Single-user or network setup

    VI.   Total integrated solution or the installation of separate modules


    OPTIMUM Security Features Include


    a)    Integrated with Windows active directory for highest security level

    b)    Central locking

    c)     User-definable access

    d)    Modular security

    e)    Data stamping

    f)     Audit trail

    g)    Access security (machine, time, user)

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