Amthal Group Services

Amthal Group is providing many services for the business industries. These services are in the field of information technology management, software development and business technology. The services range from merely a consultancy or a suggestion of how to do to the actual implementation and providing services.

The services we provide are divided into three main categories:

Cloud Computing

Amthal Group is one of the first companies that provides full business solutions ERP system to a variety of business industries in cloud computing. We can also provide certain business functionalities into clouds, such as Human Resources and Fixed Assets management etc.
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Software Developments

Amthal Group provides special software development to the companies that wish to automate their special requirements. The development can be starting from the data gathering requirements, analysis and design and finally the development.
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Consultancy Service

Amthal Group is providing many business consultancy services to its customers. These business consultancies can be in the field of:
  • Accounting
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • General Business Consultancy
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