• Software Developments

    Amthal Group provides special software development to the companies that wish to automate their special requirements. The development can be starting from the data gathering requirements, analysis and design and finally the development.

    Specialized System Development

    Amthal Group develops specialized software systems to cater for specific organizational needs and demands. Amthal Group has already developed a number of specialized systems according to particular customer requirements, among which are:

    • Assets Management System designed to manage the charities and assets of "Awqaf" from the Ministry of Justice in Bahrain
    • Levy Training and Planning System for the Management of the Employed Staff Development for the  Specific Councils for Vocational Training , Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Bahrain
    • General Training Development System for the Management of the Unemployed for the High Council for Vocational Training, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Bahrain.

    Team & Skills

    The strength of the Amthal Group results from the combined expertise and experience gained through various system application developments by its in-house team striving to deliver excellent solutions with a difference based on international standards. The system development team of Amthal Group consists of:
    •     Graphic Designers
    •     Programmers
    •     Multilingual Language Experts
    •     Quality Auditors
    •     Quality Management Consultants
    •     Business Needs Analysts
    Often the software solutions are developed and end users are rarely consulted to understand their real needs. This means that they end up with a software solution that they didn't want. We believe it is important to listen to our customers before offering any software solutions. We have time to meet our customers and understand their needs and expectations.

    We will suggest a range of possible solutions and implement and develop the chosen solution to meet your needs.

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