Inventory Management

OPTIMUM Inventory Management system is designed to enable businesses to effectively manage their organization’s’ inventory or non-inventory items in multi-stores and multi-showrooms, whether that inventory is for internal use or resale.

It is a robust multi-costing (FIFO, Average Stock, LIFO ) inventory system that can simplify your multi-currency inventory transactions to provide you online real-time data of inventory levels in stores. It can be linked to 
OPTIMUM Supply Chain and Procurement management system so stock level is updated when a delivery is received. Some of the functionalities include recording delivery of inventory in stores, managing return inwards and outwards from multi-stores, direct additions or deductions from inventory, assembling items, reserving items etc.

The system can hold a detailed master file for each inventory item (item name, serial number, item code brand name, re-order level, lead time, expiry date, quantity etc) , unlimited locations or shelves in stores and multi-storage packaging. A print-out feature is available for printing all types of inventory reports.

  • Inventory Received Management (Delivery Received Update)
  • Re-order level Management
  • Product Expiry Management
  • Returns Inwards/ Outwards Management
  • Store to Store Transfer Management
  • Direct Addition/ Deduction Management
  • Assembly Management
  • Delivery Notes Management
  • Store Structure Management
  • Inventory Master Management
  • Inventory Reporting & Inquiry Management