Distribution Management

OPTIMUM Distribution Management is designed to organize and control the processes incurred for any type of press release; be it newspaper, magazine, leaflet etc. It is competent to handle any type of distribution mode mainly subscriptions to individuals or companies, managing distribution to outlets or through paper boys on cash or credit.

The system can be linked to the OPTIMUM Accounting, Budgeting & Financial Reporting module and accounting entries related to order, delivery, returns from customers, commissions, receiving payments are automatically posted and reflected in the financial statements. 

It is a robust system that controls frequency of publication (whether daily, monthly, quarterly, one-off etc.) and the quantity of publication to be sent to outlets.The system re-adjusts the number of copies to be sent to each area in case a subscriber wants a subscription to be delivered to a different address. The system holds details of publication, issue number, customer type, area, payment type etc.

  • Subscription Management
  • Individual Subscription Management
  • Companies Subscription Management
  • Outlet Management
  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Boys Distribution Management
  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Customer Profile Management (contracts, profile, contacts etc.)
  • Distribution Inquiries & Reporting