Accounts & Budgeting

OPTIMUM Accounting, Budgeting & Financial Reporting is the core of the whole  OPTIMUM Solution and is a sophisticated software designed to enable financial accountants manage their entire financial transactions in the system in multi-currency and generate reports based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS’s) in foreign currency as well as in their base currency.

It is the central system that is linked to every module in the 
OPTIMUM ERP so transactions from each OPTIMUM system are posted to the general ledger to provide you with online real-time data reflected in the Statement of Financial Position, Income Statement, Trial Balance, Cash flow Statement etc.  It can even be integrated with third-party subsystem modules.

It is an Activity-based cost accounting system to enable you to pass transaction for multi-profit centres and cost centres. It includes the accounts reconciliation function to carry out bank reconciliations and the budget feature that can assist you in budget control and comparison of your operating activities over a period of time

It is competent to handle a multi-company and multi-branch setup for unlimited accounts structure and chart of accounts.

  • Journal Vouchers
  • Pre-set Vouchers
  • Customers/Vendors Pre-set Vouchers
  • Auto-generation Vouchers
  • Budgeting & Forecast
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Accounting Structure

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