Advertising Management

OPTIMUM Advertising Management is designed to manage the advertising business that involves publishing(classified, unclassified, banners). It covers advertising pricing, booking, publishing, scheduling, customer billing etc.The system is competent to handle various concepts of advertising such as advertisement space, pages, colors, positions, period etc., manage and map the advertising needs of individual/ corporate customers in the system.

The system can be linked to the 
OPTIMUM Accounting, Budgeting & Financial Reporting module and accounting entries related to booking bulk orders from agencies or individual orders and sending invoices to customers, receiving payments are automatically posted and reflected in the financial statements. The system keeps a track of advertising inventory such as space available, reserved or sold.

The system can maintain a full profile of customer (contact, email details etc.) and manage order details such as size, position for the ad, number of days for the ad, mode of publication, salesman details, financial details such as payment terms and payment methods.


    Publishing Management
 Media Booking
 Space Booking
 Issue/Booking Management
•    Customers
 Direct Advertising
 Agency Advertising
•    Advertising Financials
 Invoicing Management
 Collection Management
 Ageing and Accounting Management

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